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my continuing adventures as a film teacher

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Today I performed my first act as film teacher -- clearing all of the equipment out of the closet to save it from mold. Mold!! It smelled awful, and we totally should have been wearing face masks, but didn't, and now I think I've been infected with alien spores that will take control of my body -- a day from now? A week? A month? A year? Who knows!!! But when I start filling my apartment with bread just to let it get fuzzy, be very afraid.

The cameras were, thank god, not in this closet, though the lights were. They were on the dry wall. Other things were not so lucky. The dolly wheels were moldy, the boom mic handles, and the slates had sprouted their own mold colony -- when I picked them up I kept screaming "EW EW EW!!!"

After this I went all the way down to Concord so as to find a Target. While there I also went to Home Depot and Shaw's. At all of these places I saw women my age with one if not several young children. I felt... out of place.

Matt and I are going to go watch Born to Kill now. I am excited. I need a good noir movie every now and then.

Really, I'm scared about the mold.

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