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Barzak Day!

Today Chris Barzak's first novel One For Sorrow comes out, and everyone, and I mean everyone, should run out and get a copy.  Chris's writing is alternately tender and hilarious, insightful, sorrowful, beautiful, wonderful -- at first I was laughing at myself for using all these -ful words, but his writing is full -- there's so much going on in his stories.   The novel is based on one of my favorite short stories of his, Dead Boy Found, which appeared in Trampoline.  Also, check out his post at Gwenda's about his writing process, and the impending roundups of Barzak day over at the Mumpsimus.

When I first started going to SF conventions, people kept saying to me, "You have to meet Chris Barzak.  You would love Chris Barzak."  At the time, he was living in Japan, and the more people told me about him, the more the legend of Chris Barzak built in my mind -- epic karaoke, superhuman dancing, a massive heart, and the stories!  I knew about the stories!  A few months before he left Japan, Chris and I began emailing back and forth, epic, long emails, but we didn't meet until Wiscon last year.  When we did, a few hours later we were drinking green girly drinks and running like mad people around the Concourse Hotel.  Since then I've visited Chris in Youngstown, workshopped with him, danced it up something fierce, and paraded around New York City with him.  Chris is one of those rare, remarkable people who makes whatever you're doing a little more meaningful, a little more fun and maybe even beautiful.  Even more remarkable, these same qualities translate to his writing.  His work is really, really worth checking out if you haven't already, and if you have, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

I feel like this should end with a cheer: YAY CHRIS!

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